How Hypnotherapy Can Help Your Self Esteem

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Self-esteem is about our habits. It’s about how we see ourselves. And it’s one of the things that can really impact our entire concept of self, our spirituality, how we are with our finances, our life purpose, community, health, and many other areas of our lives. 

Here are a couple of stories of people that have experienced a tremendous difference in how they see themselves as a result of hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy and Finances

One man sought out help through hypnotherapy because he was having relationship problems with his fiancee. The issue was that he wasn’t being honest, 100 percent honest and open about some things. Through digging deep in hypnotherapy, it was discovered that it really boiled down to his relationship with finances. He had a lot of anxiety and shame about how he was managing his money. 

He made great money, had a great income and a solid job.

But as it turned out, growing up, his dad had a lot of anxiety about money, and as a result of that he grew up with the same anxiety. He had developed spending habits that had spiraled out of control and his fiance found out about it. It was pretty serious when he sought out help with hypnotherapy. 

In hypnotherapy sessions he worked on letting go of anxiety about money by really taking a look at it. He worked on understanding and developing new ways of thinking about finances and self discipline. As a result, his anxiety began to decrease and he decided to take some Dave Ramsey classes. He got into some Dave Ramsey classes and soon his fiancee decided to get on board and together they were able to learn and talk about finances more openly.

He felt that he finally had control over his finances and today is doing absolutely wonderful. 

His self-esteem dramatically improved after his hypnosis sessions and all the hard work he did gaining control over his finances.

One of the ways hypnosis can help our self esteem is through our helping our relationship with money. Our finances have a lot to do with our self-esteem. It’s not just how much money we make; it’s how we manage it. 

Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss

Another example of how hypnosis can help with self esteem issues is a young lady who sought out help through hypnotherapy for depression and anxiety. After extensive evaluation and digging down deep, it was discovered that what was really bothering her most was that she was about 80 pounds overweight.

She decided after a couple of hypnosis sessions that she was ready to begin her weight loss journey

She has since lost 80 pounds and she feels better about herself. Her sleep is better and how she sees herself is better. It allowed her to get out in the world and she decided to change jobs. She got a job that she is really in alignment with, began a healthy relationship, and decided to go back to college to pursue what she really wanted to do. It’s such a great story.

These are just a couple of examples of how hypnotherapy can help you find the issues causing low self-esteem and work to help really heal the root issue. Many times there is that “thing” behind the initial thing you may seek help for with hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy can help you find those underlying issues and address them.

There are so many things that can be done through hypnotherapy to help a person develop their self esteem.