Anxiety and You

Hypnotherapy can help the many facets of anxiety, things like phobias (which is a manifestation of anxiety) and generalized anxiety. Anxiety can affect your job. It can affect eating, the way you take care of yourself, and really all kinds of different things.

Hypnotherapy Can Help Relax Anxiety

So hypnotherapy is a great way to help relax anxiety. It’s a great way to help relax body tension, where we create tension in our body because of the anxiety that we have. Hypnosis is also really good for helping people to change their self-talk, because oftentimes when we get anxiety, we get this negative self talk that goes into our brain that can make the anxiety actually even worse. So hypnotherapy is a great way to affect all of those different things and even how we care for ourselves.

How My Client Overcame His Anxiety

I’d like to share a story with you about a young man that came to me about a year ago for help with anxiety. Anxiety for him was affecting all kinds of things in his life. It was affecting his job. It was affecting how engaged he was with his family. And so when I first met this man, we decided to go ahead and just help him with relaxing the anxiety. And after his first treatment, about two weeks later, he noticed that he had been feeling a lot better going into work. He didn’t have the shortness of breath and things like that that he was dealing with when he first got up in the morning thinking about his day.

And he also noticed that when he was in conferences and other public settings. Part of his job was to get up and give public presentations and he used to have a lot of anxiety about that. And he noticed just after his first treatment that his anxiety level had lessened a lot. And after a few more sessions, we ended up doing a lot of different things. I helped him with not only anxiety, but I helped him with healthier eating, which can also affect your mind and body.

And I’m so happy to report that after about five sessions, he said that he hardly even noticed anxiety. He said he got up in the morning better. He enjoyed his work. He also really engaged with his family more. His wife was noticing all the differences. So he was really, really happy with the results. And I still keep in touch with him. And to this day, he says that he does not have the problems he had before.