How Hypnotherapy Can Help With Phobias

Phobias are probably one of the top issues I deal with in my practice. And there are all kinds of phobias that people can have. Phobias of needles and flying are very common.

More Common Phobias

I work with a lot of people who have a fear of flying that prevents them from maybe doing more with their job that they would like to do. Probably my number one phobia that I work with is people that have a phobia of public speaking, and public speaking can be things that we do every day in groups of people or our friends. It can be something that you have to do at work when you talk during a meeting or give a speech.

A person can find themselves in all kinds of situations that could be called upon to have to speak up in public. And hypnotherapy has a wonderful success rate for all of those things. There are all different kinds of phobias.

A Client’s Success Story

Today, actually, I want to share a story with you about a client who had an extreme fear of needles. He is a bright, professional, middle-aged man. And he has an autoimmune disease and has to get his blood drawn pretty regularly several times a year.

He was so afraid of needles that he would have to have the nurses and nurses aides come hold him down. And I know some of you listening right now can identify with this person and know what that feels like. He experienced that for years and it was really scary for him. And so he came in to see if hypnosis could help. After one session, just one session, he went back for some routine blood work. 

And his doctor was shocked when he said “you know, don’t send the nurses today. I think I’m fine.” And the doctor even said, “are you sure? Because, you know, we do this dance every time I see you.” And he’s like, “actually, no, I feel pretty good.” The person came in to get blood from him and he watched it. He was relaxed. The doctor was so shocked and she said, “OK, what did you do? What have you done?” He said, “well, I want to see this hypnotherapist.” So he can now get blood drawn without any problem. It’s uneventful. It’s no big deal.

One of Hypnotherapy’s Easiest Fixes

Phobias are actually one of the easiest things to do with hypnotherapy. So if there is something that’s creating a lot of anxiety in your life and you would like to get over that, contact me.