How Many Hypnosis Sessions Will You Need?

Hypnosis can help with a variety of issues, and it fluctuates how many sessions oftentimes are needed for those different issues.


For example, smoking. One of the top things I do with people is help people quit smoking. And believe it or not, about seventy-five percent of the clients that I see are done in one session.Only 25-30% of the people who see me for smoking might need to come back for a follow-up. But usually, I don’t see anybody to help them quit smoking more than three times.


For generalized anxiety, that’s a different issue. And honestly, it really depends upon the individual. I have seen people that have come to see me for panic attacks that were affecting their whole life. And after as little as one session had been panic attack-free. Actually, panic attacks are one of the easiest things to treat for hypnotherapy, other forms of anxiety that are from, you know, lifestyle habits or old patterns of thinking.

Weight Loss

Sometimes the sessions needed for that might be in the ballpark of three to five for things like weight loss. That’s very multifaceted. And actually, food is the most emotional thing that we do. So a lot of my clients for weight loss may benefit from anywhere from three to six sessions.


And sometimes I do see clients that come in once a month for a little while just for accountability. So the hypnotherapy is helping them stay on track, but sometimes coming in on a once-a-month basis can really be great for accountability. I have some clients that have spouses and families that are really on board with helping them support their lifestyle habits. And typically they get, they see progress a little bit faster. But for people that don’t have as much support in their life, sometimes they use me as support. And I’m happy to do that.

So if you have any other questions, there’s a lot of different issues that I work with. But I’d be happy to answer any questions that you have about a particular issue and how many sessions you might need for that.