How to Find the Right Hypnotherapist

I know some of you that are reading this may not be clients of mine. And a lot of you may live out of state, out of town and would like to find somebody close to you in close proximity. So I would like to go over just five really simple things to think about when you’re shopping around for the right hypnotherapist.

1. Certification

Number one, make sure that that person is certified. I’m certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists. It’s been around for a very, very long time, and has a really good reputation. Another really good one is American Guild of Hypnotists. And so that might be something that you might want to put on your radar when you look around: National Guild of Hypnotists or American Guild of Hypnotherapist.

2. Years of Experience

The second thing you want to also look at is years of experience. I find that the more experience somebody has, probably the better they’re going to be. I would recommend a minimum of about five years of experience or so.

3. Ask for a Referral

Number three, here’s a really good one, is just to simply ask your doctor or nurse if they have a good referral. I collaborate with a lot of doctors and nurse practitioners in town because I work with a lot of people who have issues with smoking and weight loss, phobias and things like that. And so a lot of doctors and nurses have a referral for their hypnotherapists. You might want to start there and ask your family doctor if they have a referral for hypnotherapy services.

4. Find Someone Who Specializes

Number four, it would be a really great idea to find someone that actually specializes in the issue that you are wanting to work on. All hypnotherapists specialize in different things. Some specialize in things like smoking. Other people are more into helping people with anxiety. So depending on your issue, just let that kind of maybe determine who you go to, if they specialize in your issue.

5. Ask for a Free Consultation

And then the last one is just simply when you contact somebody, ask them if they can give you a free consultation because really chemistry and getting to know somebody before you come in for that session is a really, really good idea. I myself offer 10 to 15-minute free consultations. It’s part of what I do when I take on a new client. I just set up a time to call them. They can ask me questions, I can talk to them, see if we’re the right fit, and things like that. Just asking that person if they can give you a free 10 to 15-minute consultation can help you feel really good about going into your first appointment.