Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss

Hi, I’m Kelly BoulĂ© and I have been a hypnotherapist and holistic nutrition coach in Kansas City for a little over 20 years. And today I want to talk to you about how hypnotherapy can help with weight loss. That is probably one of the biggest things that I’ve helped people with over the last 20 years. And hypnosis is really effective for all different kinds of things, all different kinds of issues that go hand-in-hand with weight loss. I tell my clients this, that food is actually the most emotional thing that we do.

Associating Food with Emotions

We associate it with stress. We associate it with celebrating, we associate it with relaxing, we associate it when we’re bored and all kinds of things. And so sometimes when it comes to our eating habits, it can be hard to change because we’re fighting all those, you know, emotions. Hypnotherapy is really good with weight loss for things like motivation. It can really help with addiction. I work with a lot of people that have actual sugar addiction and hypnotherapy is a wonderful way to help people overcome that.

The Success Rate

It can obviously help with things like stress, motivation, discipline and things like that. So it’s got a great success rate. It’s got a rate of seventy to seventy-five percent success rate. And my average client will see benefits after around three sessions, some in as little as one. I got a text just yesterday from a client who I only saw once in July and she was happy to report that she is down about twenty pounds since July, almost effortlessly.

Those are always good stories to hear from clients. If you have any questions, you can comment below or you can contact me, text me, call me, and I’ll be happy to answer those for you.