Why I Got Into Hypnosis

Hi, I’m Kelly BoulĂ©, a certified hypnotherapist here in the Kansas City area for about twenty two years. And today I would love to talk to you and something very special to my heart, and a lot of people ask me why I got into hypnosis and you know how I ended up in this kind of career. And it’s just one of my favorite things to talk about, because it’s really a pretty kind of a cool kind of a crazy story.

My Start as a Client

I got into hypnotherapy as a client myself. It wasn’t on the radar and was not something that I was planning to do. I went to Emporia State and I initially got my degree in psychology, and then I decided to go and get my master’s degree in their health counseling. So I was really prepared to take a traditional route. I was working at a private practice for a little while and I taught part time at the community college and it was actually one of the jobs I had.

It was right out of graduate school and a co-worker of mine had gone to use hypnosis and had a lot of really just positive changes. And so one day we had lunch and I was asking her about it and and she was talking about how much it helped her. The way she explained it to me, she said it just helps to make whatever it is you are already wanting to do feel easier. So of course, I was intrigued and at that time of my life I was having some stress and a little bit of anxiety about what I wanted to do next in my career.

Using Hypnotherapy for Stress

I had several different options to pick from, and I just kind of felt stuck for lack of better ways of saying it. So I initially went in to see my hypnotherapist for stress, and we ended up talking about a lot of things. And basically, what came out of it, his recommendation that I ought to start my own business. And at that time, I was about 28 years old and gave him probably 20 reasons why I could never do that.

So basically, what it boils down to is confidence. And I hadn’t really even considered starting a business. So and again, this is before I’d even considered hypnotherapy as an option. So anyway, and I had my first session and I felt really good and really relaxed. I can’t say that I had any major wow experiences after my first session other than I just felt a really deep sense of peace. And I ended up having several sessions over the course of about two months.

Positive Changes Through Hypnotherapy

But it was really after that second session, I started finding myself thinking and daydreaming a lot more about, you know, a business and what that would look like. And at the very same time, I’m noticing all these just really positive changes in me and how I felt and how much peace I had in my life. And I was even noticing that I thought that was odd, that I was actually considering a business because, you know, you know, some months before this, it wasn’t even on the radar.

And I thought, you know, maybe this is this is hypnosis helping me to see opportunities and help me believe in myself more than maybe I could do this anyway. Long story, short. And you know, more positive changes took place throughout my sessions. I felt better. I quit smoking. I smoked cigarettes at that time. And it really helped me a lot, but just a lot of different things. So I decided, you know, this is what I want to do for a living.

Certification and Starting My Own Business

So I went and I got certified and went to school in it. And right after I got out of school, I started my business. So that was 22 years ago. And I absolutely know that if it hadn’t been for those hypnosis sessions and I just don’t know if I would have ever even considered something like that, let alone had the courage to do it. And all the other positive changes that I’ve made in my life so hypnosis has changed my life in a lot of wonderful, wonderful, wonderful ways.

And that’s why I do what I do. So anyway, I love to talk about how hypnosis might be able to help you too, with a change or a transition that you’d like to make in your life. If you have any questions or comments, just you can comment in the thread below and anyway, thanks so much for listening, listening to my story today and have a great day. Bye bye.