What Goes on During a Session?

Hi, I’m Kelly Boule, I’m a certified hypnotherapist here in the Kansas City area for about twenty two years, and today I would love to talk to you about what goes on and what actually happens in a hypnotherapy session. So, you know, first off after I schedule the client, we meet. I have an office here and I’m actually currently in a temporary office in Shawnee but my actual address is over in Lenexa, at the top of the Commerce Bank building and I have a nice little suite up there.

The Start of Yoru First Hypnotherapy Session

So the client comes in and we typically allow for about two hours, a little over two hours for the first session. A follow-up session, if it’s needed, typically runs about an hour to an hour and ten minutes. So on that first visit, a client will come in with, you know, the issue that they want to work on. And so what we’ll do is we’ll sit down and I’ll visit with them for a while, get to know them and let them get to know me a little bit.

I think that rapport and that chemistry is really important, especially when it’s first established in that session. It builds trust and report for and throughout the rest of the session and, you know, any sessions that my client might need later. So anyway, we we talk and visit for a little while and then we establish what your goal is and the challenges that are keeping you from accomplishing whatever that goal is. So challenges are, of course, mental emotional, sometimes physical anxiety is often times a very physical manifestation of an issue.

History Intake

So we look at that and then after this interview, I will also do a little bit of a history intake, just to get to know a little bit about your past. Sometimes I go more in-depth with others than I do with some, just kind of depending on the issue and sometimes I’ll do a health history and nutrition lifestyle assessment. And again, that’s pretty much issue dependent, but sometimes just doing an assessment for that can give me a lot of information to help with that client.

Building a Treatment Plan

And so after all that is done, I will be able to help a client come up with a treatment plan. And the treatment plan does consist of the hypnosis treatments and sometimes coaching. I do have a master’s degree in counseling and I am a coach as well, so sometimes coaching and counseling are all done in that one session. But the big thing I do is the hypnosis, and so I will establish your hypnosis treatments and what kinds of things I think are best for you.

Hypnosis During the First Session

And then towards the latter half of the session and we do the actual hypnosis treatment, which is very, very relaxing. So my clients will spend anywhere from, you know, twenty five minutes to up to 45 minutes, depending on the kind of treatment I’m giving in the actual hypnosis.

Ending the Session

And then after it’s over, the session is over and my clients get to leave my office feeling really good and super relaxed. So anyway, that’s what happens in a new client hypnotherapy session.

So anyway, if you have any questions, just comment in the thread below. Be happy to answer those for you, and thanks so much for listening. Bye.