What Happens in Hypnosis?

Hi, my name is Kelly Boule, and I am a certified hypnotherapist doing hypnosis in Kansas City area for about twenty two years. And today I would love to talk to you about what happens in hypnosis.

The Number One Thing to Know

So I get a lot of questions, you know, from people that ask me, So what does that feel like when you’re in hypnosis? And it’s really simple, you feel really relaxed. That’s the number one thing to know.

So when a client comes in and we have a session, so we spend some time talking a little while, identifying the goals and the challenges that you’re experiencing in your life and achieving those goals.

Hypnosis Treatment

And when it comes time to do the actual hypnosis treatment, I usually have my clients get into a comfortable position. Sometimes they recline back in a recliner, sometimes they lie down on a bed. I have here in my office and they close their eyes and I make sure they’re super comfortable. And we start off with the process of what we call progressive relaxation. And some of my clients go into a nice state of hypnosis just through progressive relaxation. And for other people like me, that can be more analytical. I do certain techniques for them while they’re relaxing to help them break up that that mind that wants to analyze a lot. So when your mind’s not analyzing so much, you’re going to be more open to the suggestions, which is the next part of what I do.

A State of Relaxation

So a client will listen to me give the suggestions that they’re wanting. Sometimes I tell stories and those stories are intended to help a person to be able to more easily shift their emotions and their mind to help them achieve their goals. So it’s super relaxing. A lot of people are very awake and aware throughout the process.

Some people get so relaxed that they border on feeling like they could almost fall asleep. And some people even do get into a kind of, we call it a sleep like state. And it’s not it’s not truly sleeping. You don’t go into a deep, deep sleep. But for some people, they feel like they’ve just had a little nap and when they get done with their treatment.

Most of my clients feel completely energized, renewed, refreshed and get to enjoy that deep relaxation, often times for several days following the treatment. And then, of course, can look forward to seeing the positive changes that’s they’re hoping to experience from the hypnosis session.

Hypnosis Questions and Answers

So anyway, that is the typical hypnosis treatment. If you have any questions, please comment or ask them in the thread below or you can feel free to call or text me or email and set up an appointment and thank you so much. Bye.