How Can Hypnosis Help You in Your Career

Hi, I’m Kelly Boule, a certified hypnotherapist in the Kansas City area, for about twenty two years. And today I would love to talk to you about how hypnotherapy can help you with your career. That is actually one of my favorite things to help people with. And so for people that are in their career and want to improve, or maybe they’re wanting to get a promotion, there’s a lot of little things you can do and hypnosis for a person to help with things.

Deciding on What to Improve for Your Career Path

So oftentimes, you know, when people want to advance or become better at what they want to do, the first thing they look at is, you know, of course, you know, how do I want to be? What do I need to improve on and what challenges are in my way? And so oftentimes I find that when I help people overcome those challenges and remove those obstacles mental, you know, or habits and things like that, it can make a huge difference in their performance at work.

Hypnotherapy for Procrastination

So one of the common challenges, for example, that people oftentimes experience is procrastination and projects and things like that. Sometimes it’s they just get overwhelmed and stressed and different things like that. But it leads to a bad habit for a lot of people as procrastinating, which can really get in the way. And, you know, I mean, they may still meet their deadlines, but they may put themselves through a lot of intense stress in order to do that. And of course, when we’re stressed, we don’t do a lot of things very well.

So hypnotherapy is wonderful for overcoming procrastination. It’s also really good for focus. A lot of people that I work with that need to just zone in to keep focused on a project. So hypnotherapy is really wonderful for that.

Hypnotherapy for Fear of Public Speaking

It’s also wonderful for overcoming fears of public speaking. And that’s probably another video I should do but that’s a common problem in public speaking is the number one phobia in in the country. And so oftentimes I’ll get people that are super smart. They’re successful and they have an opportunity for a promotion. But that promotion might mean that they have to give more presentations at work. And if they’re really scared of doing that and they shy away from opportunities. So they have missed opportunities at work.

And so hypnotherapy is really good to help people with anxieties and fears and also just help, you know, nutrition, health and things like that. You know, everybody knows that when we take care of ourselves, we exercise, we eat right, that we feel better. We have more energy. Our sleep is better. And all those things have a profound influence on our performance at work in our career.

Let Me Know Your Additional Hypnotherapy Questions

So anyway, those are just a few of the things that I help people with, but it is wonderful. It’s a wonderful tool to use for your job performance. So anyway, thanks so much. If you have any questions, just comment in the thread below and I’ll get back to you. Thanks so much.