Who Does Hypnosis Work On?

Hi, my name is Kelly Boule, and I’m a certified hypnotherapist and holistic nutrition coach, and I’ve been working in the Kansas City area for a little over 20 years. Today I would like to talk to you about who does hypnosis work on? I get that question a lot. Can anybody be hypnotized?

Hypnosis Works on Most People

The answer is most people. I think the biggest requisite for hypnosis to really work on you is really based upon your motivation and your desire. But let’s go ahead and talk about some kinds of people and personalities and things like that, that hypnosis tends to have a really good impact on.

Highly Motivated People

Number one, like I said, highly motivated people. I find that when a person comes in and they’re highly motivated for their change, their likelihood already of having success is really high.

Belief and Faith

Number two, if you have a belief that it might work or if you have a faith. I have some people that come in that are really skeptical of hypnosis, but they’ve prayed a lot, and they have a really strong faith that God can heal them and they come in. And those people tend to respond really, really well to hypnosis.

Young Adults

The third category of people is young adults, especially ages 16 to 24. And I find at that age they come in, they’re older, their concentration levels tend to be better because they’re a little bit older than, say, children, although I do work on children, too, and that can be very effective. But 16 to 24 is kind of a magical age. Your concentration levels are better, and you’re really open-minded between that age group. They’re curious, they’re open-minded, and their brains are kind of like sponges taking it all in. So I find that age group, it’s probably my favorite age group to work on, actually, but they have a really good chance of having success with hypnosis.


And then the other categories of people just kind of random. Of course, I said young adults, business owners, people that are really creative and have a lot of get go for life and things like that. So your business owners, your CEOs, tend to fall into a category where their success rate tends to be a little bit higher than the average person. Miltary, former military, law enforcement officers, some of those people and those careers typically have, for whatever reason, just a little bit of leverage above the average person and being a good candidate for hypnosis.

And the last category is if you can at least hold your attention long enough to count from one to ten, you can be hypnotized. My youngest client was five and my oldest client was 97 years old. So there you have it.

If you have any more questions, just comment in the thread below. I’d be happy to answer those and take care. I hope you have a great day. I hope you enjoyed today’s little video. Bye bye.