Busting Myths of Hypnosis

Hi, I’m Kelly Boule, certified hypnotherapist and holistic nutrition coach. And I have been working in the Kansas City area for a little over 20 years.

And today I am here to put a damper on some of your guys’parade. Today’s topic is about busting myths of hypnosis. So, as a hypnotherapist, I get a lot of questions over the years and a lot of great questions, actually.

Myth #1 You’ll Make Me Cluck Like a Chicken

But probably the number one question I get as a hypnotherapist is can I or can a hypnotherapist make you cluck like a chicken? And the answer to that is only if you really want it. So that’s the number one question I get. But I’m going to also go ahead and answer a few more questions and bust a couple of myths today as well.

So the truth is hypnosis can’t make you do anything that you don’t want to do. It’s just an altered state. In an altered state, we go into what we call a heightened sense of awareness. And in a heightened sense of awareness, your senses are heightened. And when your senses are heightened, that tends to be a great time for a person to change the way they think or feel about something to a more true perspective. But again, the motivation and the desire is the number one prerequisite for hypnosis to work. Can I make you cluck like a chicken? The answer is only if you want to.

Myth #2 I Won’t Have Control

The second question I get is, will I be out of control? I have some people come in and say, you know, I have a really high need for control. I don’t know if I can do this. And the truth is, it’s the opposite. You’re actually in hypnosis more in control. And the reason you’re more in control is because you’re going more into your inner self. And the more you go inside, the more you’re able to take control over your mind and your body, which is why hypnosis is so cool and why it’s so effective for so many people. So the truth is, in hip hop, if you’re actually more in control than you are out of control.

Myth #3 I’ll be Unconscious

The third thing I get is, will I be under or will I be unconscious? And that’s another myth. Movies kind of depict that a lot, is we’re unconscious, we don’t remember anything. And the truth is, most of my clients are very awake and very aware throughout the process. Now they’re relaxed, but they’re awake and they are aware.

Myth #4 I Won’t Remember Anything

Another question I get is will I remember anything? So a myth is you’re going to use it. You’re not going to remember anything after it’s over. And I’m going to bust that myth, too. Most of my clients, when they experience hypnosis, remember most of the details. As a matter of fact, hypnosis can feel a lot like dreaming. So you know how it is when you have a dream and you come up out of that dream it’s pretty fresh in your memory but as the day goes on you start to forget a lot of the details and things like that. Hypnosis can have that same effect on people. So you’re awake and you’re aware but it’s a lot like daydreaming too. When you’re driving, you get to your destination, you just don’t remember all the details of the ride and hypnosis can feel like that.

Myth #5 All I Need is Hypnosis to Stop Bad Habits

The last question or myth is that I’m going to use hypnosis to quit smoking and lose weight because hypnosis is going to do that for me. Sorry. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. No, you still have to quit smoking or you still have to lose that weight. What hypnosis can do though is it can help that process to be easier. So no, hypnosis can’t quit smoking for you. A lot of my clients who successfully quit still say it was hard, it was challenging but with the help of hypnosis since it helped to make that process easier.

So those are the top five myths that I get. If you have any questions just comment in the thread below. If not, I hope you enjoyed the video today and have a great day. Bye.