How Hypnotherapy Can Eliminate Test Anxiety

Test Anxiety. We all know this feeling well. You have an important test and you study for weeks until you have every bit of information memorized. You walk into the classroom on the day of the test and sit down to take it only to realize to your horror that you can’t seem to recall any of the information that you knew so well only hours before. You are sick to your stomach, sweating and your mind is filled with crippling anxious thoughts that keep you from being able to focus on anything but the possibility of failure.

If this has been you, you will be amazed at the ways hypnotherapy can change this entire scenario around.

Hypnotherapy Can Change The Way You Take Tests

Now imagine this. You’ve studied for weeks and are confident that you understand and remember all the information that you have studied. You walk into the classroom on the day of the test and sit down to take the test. 

You are confident in your ability to remember the information you have studied. With hypnotherapy, you have taught your mind to think differently and as a result your body to respond differently to the triggers that would usually paralyze you and cause your mind to lose all focus. 

You take a deep breath and repeat what you have been training your subconscious mind to think.  

  • I am confident in my ability to recall information 
  • I am calm and relaxed while I take this test 
  • I do not fear failure, but instead embrace challenges
  • I have plenty of time to complete this test 

Your mind is now free to access the information it studied and easily recalls the information it has been storing as you have studied.

How Hypnotherapy Eliminates Test Anxiety

The above scenario isn’t just some wishful thinking. You can really change the way your mind and body respond to test anxiety with hypnotherapy.

This is because your subconscious does not recognize the difference between imagination and reality. During hypnotherapy, you can access your subconscious mind. You will be able to identify the things that trigger your test anxiety and create new thought patterns about those triggers.

In a state of hypnosis, you are deeply relaxed and focused and your subconscious mind is open to new suggestions that it does not necessarily receive when your mind is clouded by the swirl of conscious anxious thoughts.

When in a hypnotherapy session, we are able to go past those conscious thoughts to your subconscious where they originate. We can then teach your subconscious new ways of thinking.

With hypnotherapy, you learn how to calmly focus. Imagine the difference it will make next time you take a test and you can focus your attention on the test itself without the swirl of anxious thoughts competing for your attention!

If you need help dealing with debilitating test anxiety call Kelly today at 913-634-7553 and see how hypnotherapy can completely change the way you take tests!