Hypnotherapy Can Help Your Anxiety.

We live in a society where anxiety is very common, with an estimated 40 million adults in the U.S. living their lives with anxiety.  In many stages of life, communities, or professions, anxiety is more prevalent than you’d ever know and is an undercurrent running through many lives.

But it’s important to know that living with anxiety doesn’t mean you have to suffer.

You don’t have to resign yourself to a life influenced and overcome by anxiety. You don’t need to become reliant on medication to make it through the day. And many hypnotherapy clients find they are able to go far beyond managing their symptoms and return to stress-free and enjoyable lives.

Why is Hypnotherapy Effective For Anxiety?

Hypnotherapy is helpful for people trying to manage their anxiety as we work together to retrain the way your brain responds to triggers and stimuli that would normally pull you into panic and anxiety.

With hypnotherapy, you can interrupt that anxious loop in your brain and restart with a new thought process that is centered and calm.

Working with a Hypnotherapist can help you determine where those anxious responses are coming from in your subconscious mind and what effect they are having on your physical body. Once the traumatic event triggering the anxiety and/or the primary fear is identified, through hypnosis you can revisit the fear and your thought process surrounding it, and train your mind to think differently.

In doing this work, you are creating new pathways in your brain which means the old triggers aren’t as overwhelming as they once were.

Relaxing Your Mind with Hypnosis

During hypnotherapy, your mind enters a relaxed and dream-like state where you have increased ability to focus and concentrate. You do not lose control over your thoughts or body. Rather, you are able to access the subconscious mind that plays a tremendously influential role in your day. 

In the state of hypnosis, you will find that your mind is open to alternative thoughts that differ from the thoughts that bring you stress and anxiety.

Anxiety and Your Nervous System

Anxiety can take a toll on your nervous system. Living in a constant state of anxiety can leave your body and mind in a state of “fight or flight” for too long. Hypnosis can help regulate your autonomic nervous system, which plays a huge part in how you experience stress and anxiety in your body.

What is the Autonomic Nervous System?

Your autonomic nervous system controls your sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. Stress activates your sympathetic nervous system, sending your body into fight or flight mode. The sympathetic nervous system cannot be active while the parasympathetic system (activated when your body is at rest) is also active. Hypnotherapy can help activate your parasympathetic system, thus turning off the fight or flight response in the sympathetic system. This regulates the anxiety and stress response and brings your body back to a calm and resting baseline.

Break the Cycle of Anxiety with Hypnotherapy

Our minds and bodies can get stuck in negative thought patterns and trauma responses that produce anxiety in our minds and stress on our physical bodies. Hypnotherapy can help break that cycle. You can learn through hypnosis to create positive thought patterns where there used to be deeply embedded negative ones. And you can help your physical body turn off the anxious response and instead embrace life from a place of inner calm.
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