Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss

Hi, I’m Kelly BoulĂ© and I have been a hypnotherapist and holistic nutrition coach in Kansas City for a little over 20 years. And today I want to talk to you about how hypnotherapy can help with weight loss. That […]

Self-Esteem and Hypnotherapy

Self-esteem is something that is really impacted by a lot of different things, our behaviors, the decisions that we make each day, how we care for ourselves, how we care for others, and our values. Even who we surround ourselves […]

How Hypnotherapy Can Help With Phobias

Phobias are probably one of the top issues I deal with in my practice. And there are all kinds of phobias that people can have. Phobias of needles and flying are very common. More Common Phobias I work with a […]