Break the Habit of Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Have you tried everything imaginable to knock the smoking habit once and for all, only to be right back where you started the next time you encounter a stressful situation? Or maybe you just can’t seem to overcome the habit and give in again and again.

You can successfully quit smoking with the help of hypnotherapy. 

A huge part of the addiction to smoking is more than just nicotine; it’s the habit. With hypnotherapy, you create new ways of thinking in your subconscious mind. The issue is that deep down subconsciously, you believe you need the cigarette in that moment. 

We can teach your brain that it actually doesn’t need to smoke.

In a hypnotherapy session, you will be in a relaxed state where you achieve a greater sense of awareness and alertness and can access your subconscious thoughts. You will be in control the whole time.

We will focus on your subconscious thoughts surrounding smoking. Maybe it’s the belief that you need to smoke to deal with stress. Or the fear that you will turn to other habits such as eating if you don’t smoke. Maybe it’s the fear of withdrawal symptoms or the inability to cope with them when they occur.

Whatever the mental block is that keeps you going back for another cigarette, we will address this and help you create a new thought process. Hypnotherapy can also help you cope with withdrawal symptoms so that you can effectively break the addiction.

Changing Your Thoughts about Smoking With Hypnotherapy

Dr Herbert Spiegel was a well known doctor and hypnotherapist who taught at Columbia University and developed what is known as the Spiegel Method. The Spiegel Method is centered around three main thoughts about smoking.

  • Smoking is poisonous for the human body
  • You want and need your body to keep living
  • Your body deserves respect and protection 

Using hypnotherapy, we can teach your mind to not only understand mentally that smoking is bad for your body, but to create new beliefs that will inspire greater willpower.

We all know mentally that smoking is bad for our bodies, but not until you fully embrace these concepts in your subconscious can your knowledge be turned into effective action.

How Hypnotherapy Can Take Away Your Desire to Smoke

With hypnotherapy, we can not only introduce new positive ways of thinking about your ability to give up smoking, but we can help you to view smoking in a way that can lessen your desire to smoke.

We can teach your subconscious to recognize the negative way your body feels when you smoke and how that outweighs the temporary benefits you think you are receiving from smoking.

When your mind is in the relaxed and aware state that hypnotherapy helps you to achieve, your subconscious mind is open to new suggestions and ways of thinking.

We will teach your mind to recognize and become aware of how bad your body actually feels when you smoke. How dry your mouth is. How bad your lungs feel. How terrible the smoke smells. We can retrain your mind to think differently about smoking.

Stress, Smoking, And Hypnotherapy

Finally, smoking is a big stress relief for many people. One of the biggest benefits of hypnotherapy is to turn off the fight or flight stress response in your body.

With hypnotherapy, you can learn new and effective ways to deal with stress so that you no longer feel the need to smoke.

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