Can Hypnotherapy Work For Weight Loss?

What is your greatest hindrance to reaching your healthiest weight?  Is it late night binge eating sessions, the difficulty with sugar cravings, or the struggle motivating yourself to exercise?

Now… where do these difficulties originate?

It’s your mind. Cravings and desires are driven by the nagging in your subconscious. If you believe that you need certain foods to feel a certain way, that subconscious thought is going to drive your behaviour. No matter how hard you try to make different choices.

This is where hypnotherapy can help.

By working together, hypnotherapy can help you navigate your way to the choices you want to be making, and avoid those late-night binges that you end up regretting. Don’t worry though, you’ll still be free to choose when to indulge or have a cheat day, but by retraining your thoughts, you’ll have the willpower to stand up to the urges.

Hypnotherapy and Your Mindset

When you are in a state of hypnosis you have access to your subconscious mind and the ability to suggest new ways of thinking and relating to the world around you.  

If you subconsciously believe that you need unhealthy foods to emotionally cope, it’s going to be very hard to resist reaching for those unhealthy options when you’re having a bad day.

With hypnotherapy we introduce a new way of thinking surrounding healthy eating, meeting your work-out goals, or creating a healthier lifestyle. In a state of hypnosis your mind is relaxed and focused so you can receive new ways of thinking and begin to integrate new healthy habits into your life..

It’s the same concept with exercise. If you find it challenging to meet your exercise goals hypnotherapy can help you dispel negative thoughts and distractions. This creates a new path of success for your goals. 

In addition, visualizing yourself fit and healthy can bring that intention to the forefront of your mind, motivating you with a goal you can see and feel.

Mindfulness, Hypnosis, and Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy for weight loss brings mindfulness to your daily life and food choices. You will begin eating for the right reasons once you are able to retrain your mind through hypnosis to eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full.

Hypnotherapy and Your Health

Beyond affecting how you eat and exercise, hypnotherapy has a positive effect on your health in general. Hypnosis has been proven to reduce inflammation as well as lower your cortisol levels. Changing these two factors alone will result in improvement to your overall health and your body’s ability to lose weight effectively. 

By choosing hypnotherapy, you can improve not only your habits but your overall health and wellness by reducing stress and adding mindfulness to your daily practices. This is going to result in weight loss that will last.

f you are ready to see the amazing results hypnotherapy can help you achieve in your health and weight loss journey call and talk to Kelly today!