Hypnotherapy to Improve Athletic Performance

Many people have a false notion that hypnosis or hypnotherapy means you lose control and are under the control of another person “performing the hypnosis.”  This is entirely untrue. In fact, actually the opposite is true. With hypnotherapy, you are able to achieve a greater sense of focus and a heightened awareness. You are able to move past the distractions and noise of conscious thoughts and access your subconscious mind.

 There are so many ways this benefits athletic performance.

If you have ever driven home and realized you hardly remember the drive, or became so engrossed in a movie or book that you didn’t notice anything else around you, that was a state of hypnosis. Most of us are entering a hypnotic state every day without even realizing it. Learning to use this to our advantage in our everyday lives is a huge benefit of hypnotherapy.

How Hypnotherapy Can Make You a Better Athlete 

Learning to set aside distractions and focus is key to becoming the best athlete that you can be. Hypnotherapy can have profound effects on your ability to focus on

 your sport and access all your gifts and capabilities without hindrance.

The phrase “In the Zone” is often used to describe when someone is able to completely focus and achieve a state of what is known as “flow” where you are functioning unhindered in your abilities. Hypnotherapy can help you learn how to access this state and perform at your best.

Hypnotherapy Can Help You Overcome Obstacles to Athletic Success

Whether it’s performance anxiety before a big game, self doubt, or pain from a previous injury that is hindering you, hypnotherapy can help.

In the state of hypnosis your mind is open to suggestions of new ways of thinking. We can identify fears and anxiety in your subconscious mind and teach your mind new thoughts of calm self confidence where you normally would go down thought loops of anxiety and self doubt.

For instance where fear of failure would keep you from playing at your best or attempting new things, in hypnotherapy we can replace the thoughts of fear with thoughts of embracing challenges with confidence in your abilities. See our articles about hypnotherapy for self confidence and hypnotherapy for anxiety. 

As you change the way you think, you can essentially get out of your own way and stop the self limiting thought patterns that keep you from achieving all that you are really capable of.

If it’s pain from an injury, hypnotherapy can also help with pain management. This is known as hypno-analgesia and helps reduce your body’s sensitivity to pain.

If you are looking for ways to center yourself and focus and be the best you can be as an athlete- call Kelly today at 913-634-7553 and see how hypnotherapy can help!