How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Create a Healthy Way of Eating

Everything we do begins with how we think and our eating habits are no different.

So much of the unhealthy ways of eating that we wish we could gain control of and change, originate with thought patterns surrounding food.

We believe that we have no self control and so we live without self control. 

We believe that we can’t live without our sugar fix and so we find ourselves helpless next time we crave something sweet. 

With hypnotherapy, you can access your subconscious thoughts that are controlling your behaviours and change them. Create a new way of thinking. And in turn create a new way of living as a result. 

Approach Food Differently With Hypnotherapy

In a hypnotherapy session you will not lose control but rather enter a state where you are relaxed and have a greater awareness. You will be able to move past your conscious thoughts to your subconscious thoughts. The ones that ultimately influence your actions.

Your mind will be open to the suggestion of new thoughts and able to begin to create new ways of thinking.

You will be able to identify your subconscious thoughts and beliefs about food and get to the root of why you think you need to binge eat. Or why you think only the processed junk food can satisfy. 

With hypnotherapy we can introduce new ways of thinking such as, I am empowered and in control of my eating habits. My body feels so good when I eat nutritious food. I’m not depriving myself of good things when I don’t choose junk food, I’m nourishing myself and caring for my body well.

Hypnotherapy Can Help Motivate You to Eat in Healthy Way

With hypnotherapy, we will help you visualize yourself in your healthiest state. You will notice how your body feels when you feed it nourishing food. How your body feels when it is healthy. We will help you access the mental picture of how you want to feel.

When you can see this and feel this, suddenly it doesn’t feel that far away and the motivation is there to do what it takes to achieve this.

Hypnotherapy Can Help You Overcome Emotional Eating 

If you deeply desire to develop healthy eating habits and find yourself derailed again and again by emotional eating you are not alone. It’s an issue for many people. Hypnotherapy has so much success in helping overcome emotional eating because it all stems from the mind.

The root of emotional eating is thinking that you need to have a certain food to feel ok.

You may not even consciously recognize that you are thinking this way. It’s a deeply ingrained subconscious belief. With hypnotherapy, you will be able to access these unconscious thoughts and find where they originate. 

We will then introduce new ways of thinking. We will help you create new thought patterns that inform your subconscious that you don’t need to eat a certain way to feel ok. 

Changing your thoughts surrounding food can help you to finally be able to create a healthy eating plan and stick with it, without subconscious narratives constantly derailing your success.

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